Act of Valor

Mitch provided critical background interviews regarding the SEAL community, which culminated in one of his stories being used in the opening scenes of the film.

Zero Dark Thirty

On set, Mitch worked closely with the Academy Award winning Director and Writer. He guided the actors to be authentic in every facet (weapons training/tactics, verbiage, body movements, etc.) and he helped with storyline accuracy and flow.

Lone Survivor

Mitch was brought in early for script review and to assist with set design and prop selection. His unique insight to the story was crucial in conveying an accurate portrayal. On set, Mitch worked closely with Pete Berg, assisting actors with lines and technical advising. Mitch was part of the stunt crew, providing guidance with foreign weapons knowledge and handling.

Under Armour

Mitch is working very closely with Under Armour Open Innovation on a wide variety of projects in footwear, technology, and storytelling. 


Mitch is currently engaged with Activision in development of future undisclosed products.

Nixon Watches

Currently working the design, development, and end-user seeding for a soon to be released product.